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                                                                                                                                                                                                                         photo courtesy of Harvey Graham

Aerial view of NHS


MAPS of Newton - High detail maps from 1929

Newtonian 1968 PDF file

Newtonian 1969 PDF file

Newtonian 1970 PDF file

Bigelow Bee 1965/1966 PDF file


1st Row:  Richard Laronde, Ana Cominos,  John Fray,  Susan Harrington, Jethro Mills
2nd Row:  ???, Gary Younker, Robert Smits, Cynthia Kaloyanides
3rd Row:  Arthur Amadei, Paul Conlon, Karyn Mazor, Bruce Carter, Anita Eisman, ?George Brown?
4th Row:  Holly Pearson, Donnie Beckler, Donna Riccio, Denney Daws, Judy Terenzio, Karen Katzines

Row 1: Rappy Pasquarosa, Karen Mazor, George Brown, Judy Terenzio, John Fray, Donna Riccio, Gary Younker
Row 2: ???, ???,  Mike Smith, Polly Bell

Row 3: Eddy Teas, Bob Smits, Doug Porter, Bobby Chalfin, Richard Laronde
Row 4: Anita Eisman, Steve Donegan, ???, Tony File, Susan Harrington

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